Speed up the development time for building websites with Power Pages Copilot

9th November 2023

More Copilot and AI news friends, that’s correct! In this post, I’ll be showing you how you can say goodbye to the days of spending weeks and months building your business websites, by utilising Microsoft’s Power Pages Copilot! 🤩

Getting started with a prompt

So let’s get started with building a business website! I’m going to head to and you’ll be greeted by a prompt box straight away! I’ll write something here and ask Copilot to build be a website I can use to write blog articles!

I’ll start by passing a prompt to Copilot along the lines of “Build a website for class registrations”. Straight away Copilot jumps into action building me something in the background whilst it starts to check a few details with me.

Now Copilot used AI to build out some website pages for me that might fit what I need. Check out the template it created for me which I can either go ahead and use or ask it to try again and build something new.

Finally, I can choose to add some other pages Copilot has pre-built for me.

I’m going to add the courses and FAQ pages.

Now check it out, I’m in the editor of my new business website which Copilot just created for me!

Using Copilot to continue building

Now you’ll also notice we have an in studio Copilot to aide us in building the rest of our website. We can use Copilot here to ask it to help us build various parts of our website including theme changes and more. There’s also a few other places we can use Copilot.

For example, select any of the test on your webpage and select Copilot. You can then ask Copilot to change the tone of the text, rewrite the content and more!

Get using Copilot for written content creation! Spend more time on the development and less time writing content that you don’t need to worry about as a developer! 💖

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