Scottish Power Platform User Group

29th June 2023

Time to take a quick break from solution building with context to talk some stuff #CommunityRocks! 💖 Today I was lucky enough to have spoken at the Scottish Power Platform User Group which was a great virtual event with some fab #PowerPlatform related sessions 😍

Before anything else, an enormous thank you goes to Stuart Baxter, Charlie Phipps and Keith Atherton, who organise the Scottish Power Platform User Group! There is an absolute stack of work that goes into organising these events, so a huge thanks and kudos to Stuart, Charlie and Keith! You awesome community rockstars! 🚀 😎


So! At the session on Thursday evening, there were some awesome sessions going on from both Laura Webb and Hamish Sheild. Laura taught us some pretty awesome tricks for designing Canvas Apps using PowerPoint for wireframes, documentation and more around this, followed by Hamish who gave us a fantastic insight on why organisations should be carefully thinking about their Power Platform strategy rather than just building a bunch of apps!

Session with Chris Huntingford

Taking advantage of the wider Microsoft Cloud ecosystem when building with Low Code​

So around the other awesome sessions going on during the evening, I was super lucky to have spoken on a topic I really love at the moment, with the incredible Chris Huntingford, my community & ANS friend and superhero!

Me and Chris discussed the power of taking advantage of the wider Microsoft cloud ecosystem when building with Low Code.

Chris gave us an awesome first half of the session focused around ecosystems, and not just building apps, but doing this with a data-centric approach, also touching on the different types of data, and how these sit in a wider architecture piece including the idea of unstructured data neighbourhood.

This nicely transitioned into the second half of the session where I spoke more around an idea that sits within the ‘unstructured data neighbourhood’ being around contextual data and building solutions with ecosystem context to surface impact and time saving features!

I really loved this session, and a huge thanks goes to Chris for speaking on this awesome topic with me! 💖

More on Ecosystem Context

Missed the session on Thursday? Or perhaps you just want to learn some more around this concept and contribution to delivering improved UX?

Cool! I’ve got an entire series dedicated to this topic, with a partial focus on working with the Microsoft Cloud and Microsoft Graph! 🤩

Check out the introductory posts within the wider series below, and let me know if theres something specific you’d like me to cover within the series, still going now!

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