Planning Revision & Assignments with Power Platform

26th June 2023

As promised, we’re getting back to building some solutions that use awesome ecosystem context! In this next solution build we’re going to focus on another public sector type setting being education! In this next mini-series as part of my wider talks on Microsoft Graph and Ecosystem Context, we’re going to be building a Power Platform solution for students to plan their revision and homework assignments! 🎒


So let’s quickly plan out what we’re going to build… I’d like to be able to…

  • Let students add subjects to their view from a list available at the school or institution they study at
  • Let educators and faculty administer that list of subjects
  • Let students plan out tasks and tag any of their subjects they’ve added to their views.
  • Let students plan tasks from Microsoft Teams assignments they’ve been given by their lecturers/teachers.
  • Give educators a view of how their students are planning things in, allowing them to suggest more targeted advice around revision planning

We might come up with some more things along the way, but these are the main things I’d like to be able to do for now… 😉

Where does context come in?

So you might be wondering… how can we make use of data contextually when we build this solution to improve the CX and UX we deliver?! 🤔

Microsoft Cloud Productivity Data

So in this solution the first example of us using contextual data is going to be around interacting with the data in Microsoft Teams via Microsoft Graph for Education to get data on Teams assignments. This is a perfect example of subconsciously created data in the Microsoft Cloud that we can use to improve UX. Here we will get assignments for a student and then surface them to that student allowing them to select a plus on them and add them to their planned tasks!

This is 10x faster than a student having to copy out details from their assignment just to plan it in to their calendar.

Out the window / wider world context

The next example of contextual data I’d like to incorporate into my application is publicly available news articles! For a number of subjects such as English, History and others I’d like to be able to surface news articles to the student relevant to the task or assignment they’re centered on. We will do this using an API for news articles.

Join the build

So, as we embark on this education build, make sure you’re subscribed to my blog so that you don’t miss any of the steps, or the final solution at the end which will get published to my GitHub repository for Low Code solutions which demonstrate the usage of contextual data! 📩

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