London Automation Summit 2023

20th May 2023

After a fantastic time at the London Automation Summit 2023, hosted at the Microsoft offices in Paddington, I thought I’d share a bit about the great event here!

Starting the day off we were joined by the awesome Phil Topness from Microsoft, who works on the Power Platform Customer Advisory Team (PowerCAT), who delivered a fantastic keynote, speaking to us about AI, transformation success and more, before being arrested by the resident storm trooper and the rest of the day being kicked off from there!

I then spent a short while with community friends chatting things #PowerPlatform and more, whilst also refining my session, ready for 12pm!

At 12pm it was time for me to jump on the stage in Kew, one of the speaker rooms for my session on creating a room door overview app using Microsoft Graph & Power Platform.

This was the main end goal for my session, but we covered a number of things before reaching that result. We discussed…

✅ An introduction to Microsoft Graph and what it is

✅ 3 types of solutions when working with Power Platform or Low Code and Microsoft Graph or contextual wider ecosystem data, and scope for reinventing the wheel when building using Power Platform

✅ Some examples of those types of solutions further evidencing how the scope for reinventing the wheel changes with them

✅ A closer look at Microsoft Graph, diving into the Graph Explorer to see what we can achieve with the single endpoint

✅ Whether to use delegated or application permissions when working with app registrations in AAD and Microsoft Graph

✅ How to work with the Graph endpoint when using application permissions, in Power Automate

✅ Getting slightly more difficult, but following the correct approach in using delegated permissions where possible, by building custom connectors to utilise in flows, providing the ability to pass user credentials and context to the endpoint

✅ Building a flow that utilises that custom connector, to call from Power Apps and return data for events in a rooms calendar

✅ Using ParseJSON() in Power Apps to display that data in a gallery and finish with the goal of displaying events for a room to provide a solution for a meeting room door app.

A huge thank you goes to everyone who attended my session, and to you all for being such an interactive audience. You’re awesome! 😍

Finally an enormous thank you goes to the organisers of this event, for putting on such an amazing day. Thank you for bringing us all together, and further for providing me with the opportunity to share my session! 💖

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