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9th October 2023

Not too long ago, Microsoft gave us the capability to automatically add anything not built inside of a solution to solutions. Since, we’ve had a further improvement in the functionality here now allowing makers to choose a preferred solution for anything they build outside a solution, resulting in it automatically landing in that space.

In this post, I’ll share how to enable this functionality, and how the maker can set their preferred solution once the functionality is enabled.

Enable preferred solutions for environments

So, in order to enable preferred solutions for makers to pick in environments, we have to enable a feature for the environment in the Power Platform admin centre. Start by heading to and then select environments.

Now from here, select the environment you want makers to be able to do this in, then navigate to the settings for that environment. From there select features under the product heading.

Now scroll down and enable the feature, currently in preview (at time of this article being published), to allow makers to select a preferred solution.

Maker experience

Now let’s take a look at the experience the maker will interact with here. If I now as a maker head to the solutions area at I have a slightly new experience.

As you can see, I now have the option to select a preferred solution to add things into. Remember the default and preferred solution are two different things. Everything will always make its way to default, where as the preferred solution will hold any objects you create or update that at the time of action sit outside of a solution other than default.

To set the preferred solution select manage under the current preferred solution, then select an existing solution to add objects into, or create a new solution right here.

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