Extract meeting information from Shared Mailbox calendars using Graph API

2nd May 2023

Recently I had a request to write a tutorial on extracting meeting information from Shared Mailbox calendars to use with the Power Platform. In this post we’ll take a look at how to extract meeting information from a shared mailbox in your Microsoft 365 tenant using the Microsoft Graph API.

Shared Mailbox

So here in my tenant, you can see I have a Shared Mailbox called enquiries with the address

I’m going to create an event in the calendar of this mailbox and we’ll see if we can grab the details of it in a flow later.

Here we now have my event. I’ve created an event titled Birthday Party and we’ll see if we can grab this in a flow using Microsoft Graph in a moment.


So before we attempt to grab the details of our events using Microsoft Graph, we’ll need to setup a method of authentication to use against our HTTP request. We will need to setup an app registration in our Azure AD to do this. You can refer to the blog post below to find out how to do this.

Registering an app in Azure AD for use in Power Platform solutions – Low Code Lewis

For further information on the permissions needed check out this similar use case

Displaying a room calendar in Power Apps using Graph API – Low Code Lewis


So now let’s take a look at the flow we need to build to get hold of this data. We’ll mainly focus on the HTTP request step here.

So the main thing that I’ll point out which changes between use cases when we want to get different things from Graph is the request URL.

In this case our request URL is going to be…

In the above URL you’ll want to change userid to be the user id of your shared mailbox which you can find in the Azure portal at

Here I’m going to authenticate using my app registration. You’ll need to populate the following fields as follows:

Tenant: use the tenant object ID for your AAD tenant



Client ID: The client ID of your app registration which you can get in the Azure Portal

Secret: Generate a secret in your app registration and then paste the value here. You can also use Azure Key Vault to follow best practice for security here.

Running the flow

Now I’m going to test my button flow and we will see that I’m getting outputs listing my one event that I’ve created.

There you go! This is very similar to my other more detailed post on getting data for room calendars. This also works with shared mailbox and standard user calendars.

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  • Steven

    It seems I have troubles making the app registration or defining the correct info in the connector.
    I did made an app registration in aad. when I use the client ID of that registration with the secret value that is only visible wen creating the registration I do recieve a “Access is denied. Check credentials and try again” notification.

    7:10 am 18th July 2023 Reply
    • Hi Steven – Make sure you have added the relevant API permissions for the use case you have here and also ensure you have added the redirect URI if working with a delegated scenario and a custom connector.

      10:07 pm 26th July 2023 Reply

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