Customise the default landing experience in Viva Connections

6th April 2023

Have you noticed the recent updates to Viva Connections in Microsoft Teams? I know I love the new landing experience that brings all of the Microsoft Viva products together whilst surfacing audience targeted organisation content to users!

But the thing is we now have two landing experiences. We have the Microsoft Viva home experience and the experience that is our SharePoint home site embedded in Teams when we navigate to the site from Microsoft Viva.

If you’ve been using Viva Connections for a while you’ll know that in the legacy experience we just landed on our SharePoint home site. Now things have changed! But… what if you want to still have your users land on your SharePoint home site with the ability to then navigate to Microsoft Viva… 🧐

This is absolutely possible, and in this quick blog post, I’ll show you how to customise the experience your users land on when navigating to Viva Connections in Microsoft Teams!

Ensure you have the latest SharePoint Management Shell installed

To make this customisation we’re going to need to work with the SharePoint Online Management Shell. You’ll need to ensure you have the latest version of this installed to work with and you’ll also need to be a Global Administrator in your Microsoft 365 tenant.

Download the latest SharePoint Online Management Shell here

Once you’ve done that, connect to the SharePoint Online Management Shell as a Global Administrator.

Running the command

So the command we need to use to customise the default landing experience in Viva Connections is as follows…

Set-SPOHomeSite -HomeSiteUrl <homesiteURL> -VivaConnectionsDefaultStart <$true/$false>

In the command above you’ll want to replace <homesiteURL> with your SharePoint tenants home site URL. Then set the parameter -VivaConnectionsDefaultStart using the following…

true = Use the legacy experience and your home site as the default landing

false = Use the new modern home experience as the default landing


And it’s that simple! Just one command and we can change the default experience users will come across when interacting with Viva Connections in Microsoft Teams!

Which experience do you prefer? Let me know in the comments.

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