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August Round Up

Hello community friends and heroes! Thanks for dropping by for my August round up, with all my latest activities, celebrations and community fun! 🚀 Scottish Summit So! This one! It’s a pretty big one to have been able to enjoy this month. At the…

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Using areas in model-driven apps

Ever noticed the toggle at the bottom of the navigation in some Dynamics 365 apps that lets you separate up the navigation menu into different wider groups or areas? Want to use this in your own model-driven apps, but not sure how? Keep reading…

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PowerCUT #3 – Exchange returns organisers for event subjects for resources

Recently I was working on a project where I needed to use Power Automate and the Graph API to return events in a resource/room’s calendar to display in a canvas app. This all went pretty smoothly except for one part… returning the ‘subject’ of…

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PowerCUT #2 – Can’t get into a Model-Driven App?

Have you ever attempted to open a Model-Driven app, but have encountered issues with properly getting into the app before an error is displayed on screen? Chances are you’ve got a lucky error that doesn’t give you much information other than a session ID…

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PowerCUT #1 – Button Flows don’t trigger for shared users after deployment

Have you ever encountered an issue where you’ve deployed a Power Apps solution to a test or production environment as managed, and you’ve got some button flows (Power Apps) that perhaps work for you, but don’t even trigger for shared users? In this first…

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Deploying Power Apps to Teams on a wide scale

Deployments… are they just moving from one environment to another when it comes to solutions? Ask me… I’d say no. Deployments include the process of rolling out to the production space where an app or solution will be held, but also include the process…

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