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Flexible height galleries in Power Apps

In this blog post focused slightly more on GUI in Power Apps, I’m going to take a look at flexible height galleries in Power Apps, which I used recently to solve a requirement I had when building a low code application in my solution….

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Welcome pages in model driven apps

In this blog post, we’re going to take a look at a feature in model driven apps that we can use to welcome people when they play a model driven app. We’ll look at building one of these out, and we’ll test it to…

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Building a cocktails finding app – Part 3 – Some styling

In part 3 of this series on building an app to search for cocktails based on an alcohol or spirit, we’re going to look at styling our app at the current point it is in to make it look a little more modern and…

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Stop loosing HTML styling when branding emails in Power Automate

Do you ever style your emails you send using Power Automate with nice HTML and inline CSS to give a more professional look to your end users and give them more peace of mind that the email delivered is genuine and from the organisation…

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Increase user adoption of Power Platform solutions

Today’s post is slightly less technical, and I’m going to look at how you can drive the user adoption of your Power Platform solutions! This is a session I’ve delivered at in person events before, but I thought I’d spread the message further with…

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Theming in Canvas Apps

In this post, I’ll show you how to make branding your controls 10x easier after one step of creating custom theming in your app, where you’re then after able to brand all your controls by changing code in one place or by doing things…

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