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Hiding the ribbon when using subgrid PCF’s

Ever wondered how you can hide the ribbon that sits behind a subgrid when you come to use a custom code component (PCF) over the top of it? Perhaps you’re just displaying data in a more visual format and don’t have a need for…

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Getting started with the configuration migration tool

Want to know how to move configuration between your Power Platform environments? You’re in the right place, where in this post, I’ll show you how to do just this, with the configuration migration tool for Dynamics 365 and Power Platform, as part of this…

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5 fantastic community resources for getting started with CI/CD for Power Platform

Shoutout time! 🤗 Hello Friends! Welcome back to another post, and one that’s slightly different from my normal content… 👀 In today’s post I’d like to share 5 fantastic community resources for getting started with CI/CD scenarios when working with Microsoft’s Power Platform. Want…

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A guide to the 19 inputs for the import-solution action in the Power Platform GitHub Actions

When working with the Power Platform Actions for GitHub, there’s only a few inputs we need to commonly populate to achieve typical or standard requirements to automate solution deployment with the import-solution action in a workflow using GitHub Actions, however there’s an whole 19…

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Adding deployment settings files to automated deployments using GitHub Actions

Have you used a deployment settings file in an Azure Pipeline before with the Power Platform Build Tools where it’s quite easy to notice the input for this to resolve your connection references, and update environment variable values? But what about the world of…

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Automating Power Platform solution deployment with GitHub Actions

Hello friends! I’m back with another post on GitHub actions, where in this post, we’ll take a look at how to automate a solution deployment! If you didn’t check out yesterdays post on an introduction to GitHub Actions for working with Power Platform, including…

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