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5 Power Platform CLI admin hacks

Ever find that administering the Power Platform can involve some rather tedious and lengthy tasks such as navigating through a huge admin center to find that little thing you need…? Even… if you might know where it is?! Well, say goodbye to the days…

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Prevent makers from sharing their apps with the entire organisation in your tenant

Sometimes, this is a cool thing to be able to do! Let’s say we have an app that we want every employee in our organisation to be able to access. Ah, the solution! Share with everyone in the organisation! That’s it! But hold on……

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Introduce makers with your own content in Managed Environments

In this blog post we’ll take a look at another way to empower makers and drive adoption of Power Platform, making shadow I.T. something GOOD by welcoming makers to Power Platform with custom content when they first go to It’s worth noting from…

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Usage insights in Managed Environments

In today’s post we’re going back to looking at Managed Environments in Power Platform! I’ll talk about the advantages Managed Environments provide with regards to usage insights and how you can take advantage of the features for usage insights in these environments. Per tenant…

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Limit sharing in Managed Environments

In my last post, we looked at an introduction to managed environments for Power Platform. In today’s post we’ll start to look further into limit sharing, and the features managed environments provide to allow greater scalability of Power Platform in your organisation whilst maintaining…

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Starting to work with Managed Environments in Power Platform

In today’s post, I’m going to take a look at an introduction to managed environments in Dataverse and Power Platform! We’ll start by looking at the initial enabling, creation and configuration of a managed environment and then in future posts we’ll go further into…

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