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Automatically create timeline notes for custom events in model-driven apps

Recently a community friend asked me about the ability to automate the creation of timeline notes or posts based on various custom events using something like a Power Automate flow, and so, in this post, we’re going to look at just that! The timeline…

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Set easy reminders of actions required based on a Teams message

So if you’re anything like me, you get a bunch of action requests on a daily basis which people will send a quick message for on Teams. Now sometimes I get a little busy and don’t always remember to action all of these, as…

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The new way to associate flows with Power Apps solutions

A while ago, I posted about how to associate flows to Power Apps where the flow you’ve built falls within the context of the app for the purposes of licensing. Effectively, where you build flows which have the sole purpose of supporting a premium…

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Make powering Azure VM’s on and off easy with Power Automate

Are you a user of Azure Windows VM’s? Perhaps you’re a Mac user with one or two tasks to do on Windows every so often like me? Do you find it tedious having to go into the Azure Portal, and locate your VM just…

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Call a Clinician – Install and configure the solution sample

Call a Clinician is here! 🤩 I am now publishing the solution as a sample on my GitHub for you to download and import into your own Power Platform environments to play around with, allowing you to either use this in your organisations, or…

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Starting to build with context by utilising Microsoft Graph

If you’ve been following this series on Microsoft Graph for a while you might remember that near the start we talked a bit about different types of Low Code solutions and utilising contextual data alongside business data and low code objects to build software…

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