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Editing the global ribbon in model-driven apps

Want to give your users access to quick actions they can make from anywhere in your model-driven apps or Dynamics 365? Perhaps you want to be able to gather feedback from users anywhere across your environment or maybe you need to give users access…

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Canvas powered side panes in model-driven apps

Typically model-driven apps are comprised of tables, forms and views, and possibly business process flows, and PCFs. I less commonly see the use of things like pop up dialog’s and side panes which are both possibilities for model-driven apps! Recently I blogged about the…

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Preview records in side panes in model-driven apps

Do you find your productivity not so high when having to go through a number of records in a model-driven app or Dynamics 365 app where you have to select them and then go back to the view, and select another etc… 🤔 In…

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Build custom model-driven app functionality with canvas app pop ups

Do you like the data-driven type format of a model-driven app but feel like you don’t have enough flexibility with regard to customisation and being able to build custom functionality to meet your requirements? Perhaps you want to build some kind of toolbox that…

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Automatically create timeline notes for custom events in model-driven apps

Recently a community friend asked me about the ability to automate the creation of timeline notes or posts based on various custom events using something like a Power Automate flow, and so, in this post, we’re going to look at just that! The timeline…

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Filter lookups based on other selected lookups in model-driven apps

Ever wondered whether its possible to filter a lookup on a model driven app form based on a previous lookup on the form you’ve already populated? It’s possible! Want to know the good part? We don’t have to use anything complex like custom JavaScript…

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