Building Copilot experiences into Canvas Apps
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Building Copilot experiences into Canvas Apps

So, in yesterdays blog post we looked at a first attempt to have Copilot in Power Apps build a no code app for us using nothing but natural language. One of the things Copilot built into our app was an in app Copilot driven experience for chat where the application could answer questions about a dataset.

In this blog post we’ll look at what sits behind this and how we can build a similar thing in our own app.

Copilot control

So, this is really very simple. What we’re working with here is a new preview control called Copilot.

Now the first thing I notice here is that we do need premium licensing to use Copilot in our apps, so thats something to keep in mind as a starter!

All we’re going to do is add a Copilot control to a screen and do some very simple configuration for it to work!

So I’ve removed the control Copilot preconfigured for me and I’ve just added it back. Now we’ll do some configuration to make it work.

All I need to do is select the control and select my data source. I’ve selected my table created by copilot in yesterdays post.

And it’s as simple as that! I can now ask my app questions about my data!

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