Building an app with AI & Copilot in Power Apps

27th March 2023

So, this is MAJOR… In today’s blog post, I’m lucky enough to be hands on with the latest and greatest developments in AI from Microsoft in the low code space. That’s right. In this post I’m going to share my findings of a first look at Copilot in Power Apps, using AI to build a low code app.

Keep in mind at the time of publication, this feature is in a gated public preview and isn’t completely accessible. So if you don’t have access to this, its just a game of waiting for now 🙂


Okay so lets think of a requirement to start with. That first question or task we’ll give to Copilot so it can work away with creating us a data model and an app.

I want to be able to track reading progress for a group of students in my Year 5 English class. Let’s ask Copilot to create an app for this!

Asking the question

Very simply at on the home page I’m asking Copilot to create an app for me.

Let’s see what it comes up with…

Woah! Okay! So pretty simple, but check this out! Without doing anything, Copilot was able to just create a table schema for me with example data so I can log books read by my students including the level of the book, the date they started and finished reading the book and more.

Requesting a change

Okay but I want to make some changes. I want to actually assess my students on these books so I’ll ask Copilot to add a column for recall score where I’ll supply a score out of 10 for questions answered on the content of the book.

Amazing! Check this out, Power Apps just added that column for me.

Okay now I’ll see what Copilot can do with building an app for me.

I’ll simply select Create app and see what it comes up with!

A fully responsive canvas app with a Copilot driven chat experience

Okay WOW… This is pretty exciting. So straight away, Copilot has built me a fully responsive canvas app with two main screens. On the first I have a control that lets me leverage copilot to ask questions in my app about my data, to which it will then apply the AI model and return a response!

Then I have a more traditional canvas app screen where I can see all of my data and edit it using a form.

WOAH! Okay… get ready for more and more content on awesome AI and Copilot stuff in Power Apps coming soon. This. Is. Cool.

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