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24th June 2022

In post 5 of this week, I’m going to take a break on the technical stuff and suggest a few ways you can engage with the community and give back by becoming a Power Platform community contributor.

Power Platform Community

So… you might’ve seen it before on socials but where you’ve seen Power Platform topics, you’ve most likely seen people using the tag #CommunityRocks . Power Platform is hugely based around community efforts and sharing between makers, developers, architects and more. The community is such a great tool to getting started with Power Platform but also provides an ongoing support through your journey with Power Platform. The even more fun part, is GIVING BACK! 🙂

How can I contribute?

So you might’ve worked with the Power Platform for a short while now and may be wondering how you can get a bit more involved in the wider community, you might be wondering how you can give back? There are so many different ways we can contribute in the Power Platform community…


So blogging! This is an awesome way you can share content with the community on Power Platform… and well, how I’m deciding to contribute.

Some fantastic blogs include:

Kristine Kolodziejski, April Dunnam – SharePoint Siren, Pieter Veenstra – SharePains and so many more

Start a YouTube Channel

Another way you can give back to the community is through becoming a Power Platform or Microsoft stack related Youtuber! Why not just produce simple tips n tricks videos on getting to grips with various things on the Power Platform! The best thing about this is it makes it so clear to learners as they can see you replicating what you’re trying to teach. I find YouTube channels really helpful in Power Platform learning!

Some fantastic Power Platform YouTube Channels include:

Reza Dorani, Shane Young, PowerApps Tutorial – Darren Neese, Rory Neary

Community Forums

One of the best parts of Power Platform is the availability of the community forums to ask and have questions answered. However, questions don’t get answered without people answering them. If there’s a topic that’s been posted that you might know an answer to, why not write a post under someone’s question and give back to the community in this way! I go to community forums all the time whether it be Power Apps, Power Automate, Dynamics or another one of the Power Platform products… they’re so helpful!

Power Platform Community

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Community


So to make it really simple… you could even post little tips and tricks on LinkedIn or Twitter for helping people with Power Platform and Dynamics! There is a huge community of LinkedIn and Twitter users in the Power Platform space looking out for a connection to make!

You can follow me on Twitter here

And connect with me on LinkedIn here

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