August Round Up

31st August 2023

Hello community friends and heroes! Thanks for dropping by for my August round up, with all my latest activities, celebrations and community fun! πŸš€

Scottish Summit

So! This one! It’s a pretty big one to have been able to enjoy this month. At the start of the month we saw a bunch of awesome community people and friends come together in Manchester for Scottish Summit on tour!

At the event, there was all sorts going on! We were lucky enough to have a number of awesome speakers delivering great sessions for us to learn from, as well as various activities going on from partners such as the organisation I work for, ANS. At the ANS stand we had arcade games going on, live build off’s and loads more!

That was all before the after party too πŸ‘€

Check out my longer recap here –

New things in the Power Platform Developer Community

This month we saw some new pretty exciting initiatives in the Power Platform Developer community! We saw the introduction of the Microsoft Power Platform Developer Tools office hours for community members to come along and discuss…

  • Difficult accessibility questions
  • Dev Tools challenges
  • General fun things about the developer tools! πŸš€

Check out more about the community here and join a dev tools office hours call!

powerplatform-build-tools/ at main Β· microsoft/powerplatform-build-tools Β· GitHub

Highlight blog posts

Here’s some of my highlight posts from the month πŸ’–

This first one is for you pro dev’s or people getting started with building PCF controls for use in your Power Platform solutions. In this post I share how to hide the ribbon when building subgrid PCF’s.

Again, this one may resonate more with you pro devs. For anyone familiar with languages like C#, you’ll be familiar with the concept of string interpolation. In this blog post, I discuss using this in Power Fx for your canvas apps and custom pages!

In this next post, we looked at conditional formatting for choice columns in model-driven app views where we’re able to set a colour for each choice and have a fill box around the choice text in a table view. Let’s make model-driven apps colourful! 🎨

Finally, in yesterday’s post I started a new series on my blog covering all things Omnichannel for Customer Service, Microsoft’s digital contact centre platform! ☎️

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