Add multiple cloud flows to a solution as an administrator in Power Automate

31st October 2023

Recently I shared some content on some of the new capabilities to ensure cloud flows are created in Dataverse from the word go! For any flows that weren’t created in Dataverse or a solution to begin with, there is now capability to migrate these into Dataverse by adding them to a solution to enable the various Dataverse features in flows such as using connection references and environment variables.

Be sure to check out the post above to get some context before continuing to read here, or if you already understand this topic, keep reading to find out how to migrate multiple non-Dataverse cloud flows into Dataverse by adding them into a solution as an administrator.

Using Add-AdminFlowsToSolution

There is now a cmdlet that we can use to add multiple flows at once into a solution to migrate them to Dataverse. This is the Add-AdminFlowsToSolution cmdlet.

This is part of the Microsoft.PowerApps.Administration.PowerShell Module | Microsoft Learn

To install the module run this command…

Install-Module -Name Microsoft.PowerApps.Administration.PowerShell
Install-Module -Name Microsoft.PowerApps.PowerShell -AllowClobber

Then to authenticate run…


Then we can start to migrate non-Dataverse flows into a default solution to enable them in Dataverse!

Migrate all flows into a default solution

To migrate all flows into a default solution, use the following command…

Add-AdminFlowsToSolution -EnvironmentName environmentGUID

Migrate select flows into a default solution

Or if you want to migrate select flows into Dataverse use the following command and pass flows as GUIDs separated by a comma (,).

Add-AdminFlowsToSolution -EnvironmentName environmentGUID -FlowNames flow1GUID,flow2GUID,flow3GUID

Migrate flows into a specific solution

If you want to choose the solution to migrate flows into when moving them to Dataverse, provide a solution id to the -SolutionId parameter.

Add-AdminFlowsToSolution -EnvironmentName environmentGUID -SolutionId solutionGUID

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