A first week with ANS Group!
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A first week with ANS Group!

In this slightly different, and non-technical blog post, I’m super excited to share what an awesome first week I’ve had working with ANS Group!

Starting the week with onboarding fun

So looking back to last weekend, I went up to Manchester on Sunday ready for my first week with ANS. Going in for the first time at 10am on Monday morning, I was warmly greeted with an induction session delivered by the head of ANS Academy, Tom, who gave me and 3 other awesome new starters an insight on what ANS is about and the history of the company!

I was super excited to hear about all things ANS Academy, which is ANS Group’s very own Ofsted outstanding accredited learning facility! Coming out of education so recently, makes this super interesting for me and its awesome to know that ANS are doing some great things to bring students into the world of tech!

After a little more onboarding, and the more general, setup type things, I went out for lunch with a few team members and got a bit more of an eye for Manchester which was awesome!

The rest of the day was spent checking out some of the internal resources, groups and communities!

Tech communities

One of the things I’ve loved already about ANS is the digital communities we have! Chris Huntingford and others are doing an AWESOME job leading these super exciting groups with lunch and learns in place, forums for sharing content and loads more! SUPER FUN STUFF!

I’m really excited to get more involved in these and attend some community calls over the coming weeks!

Hello Ecosystems

So one thing thats become very clear from very early into being at ANS, is wow do they know how to do Low Code! Jason Earnshaw, Chris Huntingford and others have visibly put LOTS of time into the crafting of the way ANS do Low Code…. and not just Power Platform… but Low Code.

A super interesting part of what ANS are talking about is the wider ecosystems that the ‘things’ we build sit in… its something I’ve heard less partners and people talking about, but this stuff is interesting to say the least!

Finishing the two days in Manchester with #Community

Just before getting the train home after an awesome first two days with ANS in Manchester, I was super happy to spend some time with the lovely Sarah Jones and Nati Turtledove. Community really gets everywhere hey! You guys are awesome! Thank you!

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