5 fantastic community resources for getting started with CI/CD for Power Platform

31st July 2023

Shoutout time! ๐Ÿค— Hello Friends! Welcome back to another post, and one that’s slightly different from my normal content… ๐Ÿ‘€ In today’s post I’d like to share 5 fantastic community resources for getting started with CI/CD scenarios when working with Microsoft’s Power Platform. Want to start building automated solution deployment pipelines and more? Keep reading to find out how from some awesome contributors! ๐Ÿ’–

Microsoft samples for GitHub Actions

The first resource I’d like to share which I’ve been using loads recently is from Kartik Kanakasabesan and his team at Microsoft who work on some of the Power Platform Developer Tools, and who have published a number of sample workflows for getting started with yml workflows for Power Platform!

The samples include all sorts of workflows, enabling you to achieve CI/CD scenarios with the Power Platform and GitHub Actions such as…

  • Solution deployment samples
  • Commit solutions to a repository
  • Environment administration workflows
  • Much more!

Want to take the approach of using GitHub Actions and GitHub Repositories to enable your CI/CD of Power Platform solutions? Check out the samples here!

powerplatform-actions-lab/sample-workflows at main ยท microsoft/powerplatform-actions-lab (

The DevOps Lab – Deploy Power Platform Solutions with Azure DevOps

This next awesome sample is another from Kartik Kanakasabesan but also the equally as awesome April Edwards who take us through the basics of working with Azure DevOps to deploy our Power Platform solutions with this super simple and easy to follow video!

How to Deploy Power Platform with Azure DevOps – The DevOps Lab

Execute Power Platform CLI within Azure DevOps Pipelines

The next resource is one I only recently came across and is an awesome blog post by community hero Benedikt Bergmann highlighting how we can use the Power Platform CLI within Azure DevOps pipelines for those cases where perhaps there isn’t a Power Platform Build Tools task that matches the CLI feature we’re trying to use.

Check this out!

Execute Power Apps CLI in Azure DevOps ยป Benedikt’s Power Platform Blog (

Overview of Power Pages ALM and Automated Deployment with CI/CD

The next resource is from a community contributor who’s content I always go to when I need to learn something around this topic, being Arpit Shrivastava. Arpit publishes lots of content around Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform, lots of which focused on Power Pages, and ALM.

Check out this awesome video which gives us an overview of Power Pages ALM and automated deployment scenarios we can achieve with CI/CD in Azure DevOps.

Setup Azure DevOps pipelines for Power Platform

This last amazing resource, is one I’ve referred back to multiple times, from the ALM expert, Suparna Banerjee, who takes us through how to setup Azure DevOps build and release pipelines for Power Platform in this Microsoft Reactor session!

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